Yangshuo to Guilin

How to get from Yangshuo to Guilin: Yangshuo does not have its own train station yet (but there is a fast intercity-rail from Yangshuo to Guilin planned for 2017!) so the only options yet to cover the 65km from Yangshuo to Guilin center or the 85km from Yangshuo to Guilin Airport northwest are either by public bus, express bus, airport shuttle bus, or hiring private transportation.

Arguably the most scenic way to get from Yangshuo to the Guilin airport or center of Guilin is in a combination of a private transfer + either a Li-river boat cruise or a Li-river raft cruise.

Directions from Yangshuo to Guilin center

Yangshuo to Guilin center by local or express bus

Since 2014 the Yangshuo bus station has finally been moved out of the center and been divided into 2 separate stations, the South Bus Station that serves Fuli and Xingping, and the North Bus Station that serves the routes between Yangshuo and Guilin. There are 2 types of buses leaving for Guilin, the direct express buses and the local buses that may stop anywhere along the way.

We generally suggest to take the express bus. They leave about every 20min and take you directly to Guilin in a reliable 1h30min without any stops. They run between 7.00am and 22.00 with a fixed ticket price of 25Ypp (2016) payable at the ticket office inside the bus station (no advance booking). These buses take you directly to the central bus station in Guilin, about a 10min walk from the (South) train station in Guilin.

There are also regular buses leaving from the Yangshuo bus station to the main Guilin (South) train station and while they run more frequently the trip generally takes longer since these buses can stop anywhere along the road to pick up or drop off passengers and their carriage. These buses are located at the exit of the same Yangshuo North bus station. Price of tickets is generally around 25Y but since they are purchased on the bus there is room for negotiation often depending on the mood and ethics of the conductor.

Note that these buses do not stop at Yangdi which may seem along the way but is actually located about a 15min drive from the crossing at the Yangshuo - Guilin road where the bus could drop you off. If you would like to get to Yangdi for either the Yangdi to Xingping hike or Yangdi to Xingping river raft cruise there is a direct Yangshuo to Yangdi bus that runs about each half hour between 7.30-18.00 and costs about 15Ypp.

From Yangshuo to Guilin North Train Station by local / express bus

There are yet no direct bus or shuttle routes from Yangshuo to the Guilin North Train Station. Travellers are required to take a local bus to the South train or bus station first (90min) and then take a local bus or taxi to the Guilin North Train Station. Total travel time with public transportation can be anywhere between 2.5 - 3.5 hrs while a private transfer could take you straight from your accommodation in Yangshuo to the North train station in less than 2 hours.

Getting There: Local / Express bus
Times/Duration: 07:00-22:00 To center - 90min / To North station 2.5-3.5 hrs.
Ticket prices: Bus tickets to Guilin center 22Y + South to North 10Y
Ticket Booking: Tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office or on the bus.

Yangshuo to Guilin Center / North by taxi, minivan, private bus

Alternatively, the quickest and most convenient way is by private taxi or mini-van directly from your accommodation in Yangshuo. The ride takes about 1h20min and we can organise your transfers any time, day or night, by any type of vehicle and class for the standard prices shown in our overview below.

Getting There: Private Taxi/Mini-Van
Times/Duration: To center 80min / To North train station +20min
Prices & Booking: See our booking widget below.


Directions from Yangshuo to Guilin Airport

Yangshuo to Guilin airport by express bus

There is a direct daily airport shuttle bus service from Yangshuo to the Guilin Airport daily between 08:00 and 20:30, see time table below. Buses leave from the north bus station in Yangshuo, located about a 10min bus ride from the center of Yangshuo. The journey takes about 80 minutes to cover 75 km. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the North bus station and cost 50 yuan per person.

Bus Route Departure Times
Yangshuo North Bus Station - Guilin Airport 08:00 - 10:00 - 12:00 - 13:30 - 15:30 - 17:30 - 19:30 - 20:30

Yangshuo to Guilin airport by taxi, minivan, private bus

We can organise a private transfer well outside these times, day or night, at the standard rates. This way you can leave directly from your accommodation in Yangshuo to the airport in Guilin. The ride by taxi (for 1-4p with little luggage that can fit in an averaged sized trunk) or per mini-van takes about 1h10min with prices framed below.

Getting There: Airport bus - Private Taxi/Mini-Van
Times/Duration: Airport bus 8 times a day (schedule above) takes 90min from Yangshuo center / private transportation 70min
Prices & Booking: See our booking widget below.


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River cruise and taxi transfer combination

Arguably the most scenic way to get from Yangshuo to Guilin airport or center is a combination of a transfer + Li-river boat cruise or Li-river raft cruise.

For directions from Yangshuo to Dazhai or Pingan check out our Yangshuo to Longji rice terraces of Longsheng page.